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You can buy a Rize or Rize MaXXed directly from our shopping page here or at your local paintball store or field that carries DYE products!

-Semi-Auto (one shot per trigger pull)

-Full Auto (hold the trigger down for max rate of fire)

-Ramping (mix between semi-auto and full auto, easily shoot high rates of fire with minimal trigger pulls)

YES!  The Rize has color-coated o-rings which make for easy diagnosis and treatment of any issues you may cross down the road.  When you buy a Rize, you’re also joining the DYE family, which has offices across the globe and a worldwide customer service team dedicated to taking care of any problems you have.  Whether you’re in California or China, we have an office near you and will always allow you to either ship your marker to us for repair or we will send the parts you need to the nearest paintball store.

You can check the manual here or you can follow these steps below:

-Remove the bolt using the allen key provided in your toolkit

-Carefully unscrew the bolt kit components to expose all areas that need to be serviced.  Use your DYE Lube to properly coat all ‘active o-rings’ on your bolt kit (for a list of active o-rings and how to dis-assemble your bolt kit, check your manual). Reassemble the bolt kit.

-Stick your finger inside the front of the marker and gently pull out the Eye Pipe.  Rinse this under water or clean with a paper towel to remove all paint and debris.  Inspect for damage and replace if necessary.

-Take a squeegee (recommended: DYE Fuzzy Stick) and clean out all debris from inside the breach and inside the feedneck. Be sure this area is dry and not coated with any paint or grime.

-Re-insert your bolt kit and tighten with an allen key.

-Re-insert your Eye Pipe and make sure it is properly aligned.

Air efficiency varies heavily from different factors such as tank size, paint-to-barrel match, etc.  On a standard 68/4500 air tank, the Rize and Rize MaXXed will get approximately 1,200 shots per full tank fill.

The Rize and Rize MaXXed require a compressed air tank to properly function.  Because of the high rate of fire and high-performance components inside the Rize, Co2 would cause freezing and poor performance.  Rize can operate with either a high or low pressure compressed air tank thanks to the built-in Hyper 3 regulator.

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